S2 Episode 8 - Track of the Cougar

Nakoma (Don Shanks) is in full war paint and has been designated by his tribe to hunt down and kill a cougar who raided his village and tore apart some of the lodges. Adams (Dan Haggerty),when discovering the cougar is the one he raised from a cub, decides to go along. He knows that this has always been a friendly cat and can't imagine what might have prompted the cougar onto this rampage. Adams is only allowed to go after he promises not to interfere with tribal law. He still believes that Sekota, the cat, must have a reason and perhaps there will be a chance to satisfy the tribe without bloodshed. While searching for her, one thing is made clear; the tracks are so obvious that the cougar seems to be leading Nakoma and Adams directly to her. When Adams finds her he manages to get Sekota to come right to him and sees that she is in a great deal of pain.

The cougar had a mouth full of thorns and was only trying to get someone to help her.Adams returns to the village with Nakoma and convinces the chief of the true reason for Sekotals actions. He explained that no matter how things look on the surface of a problem, if you have enough faith in your friends and dig deep enough, you will find the truth. The chief then makes Sekota an honarary member of the tribe.

Writer Worley Thorne
Producer Leonard B. Kaufman
Director Sharon Miller
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks