S2 Episode 20 - The Stranger

No one at the mountain expected to see, let alone meet, Captain Ulysses S. Grant, but here he was, riding through the valley trying to take a census count of the animals. Apparently the Army wanted to know how many wild horses and burros were available for their use.

However, there was news regarding this visitor which was going to be very sad. Captain Grant was writing a book for the Army entitled, "Manuevers In The Wilderness and Techniques For Survival," which meant how to survive off the animals. He explained that they would not understand how to live off the land. Adams (Dan Haggerty) explained that the soldiers can live off the plant life without ever killing a living thing. After all, Mad Jack had over 200 recipes made strictly from plants and could share them with the Army.

While Grant was there, Adams and Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) were able to teach him some things about the wilderness. Grant learned to cut down only the dead trees and to feed himself on roots and berries instead of always killing an animal to satisfy his hunger.

Learning is such an important part of life. Totani, working on becoming a brave, is learning the same things that Ulysses Grant learned - how to live in harmony with the wilderness.

When Grant went back to the Army he was given a promotion to Major for his work in the valley and a Letter of Commendation was sent to Mad Jack for his contribution of the meatless cookbook.

Writer Leonard B. Kaufman
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Mark Slade
Todd Tingey