Episode 13 - The Storm

A blizzard buries the mountains in snow as Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Ben prepare to welcome Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) and Nakoma (Don Shanks) to their cabin for an annual feast and celebration.

An Indian woman (Lois Red Elk) interrupts the preparations, coming to the cabin in need of help. Her young daughter, Talitha (Lori Sutten), has been lost in the mountains after their horses were frightened by a giant grizzly bear, known to the Indians as the legendary "Molock."

Adams and Ben set out to find the young girl, while Jack stays behind to take care of the Indian woman. Nakoma soon arrives and when he hears about "Molock". he goes after Adams to help. A snowstorm moves in, covering the mountain with more snow.

Adams finally locates Talitha and sends Ben back to get Jack and Nakoma. Suddenly the giant grizzly "Molock" appears and corners Adams and Talitha. They keep the giant bear away by lighting a fire.

When Nakoma and Jack finally arrive, Adams distracts "Molock", getting the bear to chase him. Adams gets trapped at the edge of a cliff and Molock lunges at him. They both fall when the ledge crumbles, but Adams manages to hang onto an outcropping. The giant bear plunges into the valley below.

Writer Preston Wood
Producer Art Stolnitz
Director Richard Friedenberg
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Lois Red Elk
Lori Sutton