S2 Episode 11 - The Spoilers

When the animals are suffering some kind of an epidemic and the fish are dying off, there can only be one reason; someone or something is poisoning their water. After talking to Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) and Nakoma (Don Shanks), Adams (Dan Haggerty) decided that Hoot Owl Creek is the place to start looking for some answers. Little did Adams know that the answer was two "would-be Silver Kings", Hard Luck Harry (Ken Lynch) and Elijah Bowman (Walter Wanderman), one of whom Mad Jack had known for years.

The two had no idea they were poisoning the river water. They were only running experiments to find out if the silver they were mining was real. They had no real understanding of what they were doing and certainly did not know that they could start a forest fire with all the gun powder they were using or that the mercury they used for separating ore could kill all living things.

When Harry and Elijah realized there was no silver in these hills and the extent of the damage they had done, they asked Adams and Mad Jack how they could help.

Adams decided that the best thing the two could do was take seedlings and replant the areas they had destroyed with their foolishness. The next thing Adams heard was that Hard Luck Harry and Elijah Bowman had left the mountain because they had heard talk of some new silver discovered over the next hill. Before leaving however, they had planted seedlings as promised. They decided they wanted to set things right in the wilderness before they left, keeping the balance of nature as it should be; when a tree is cut down for whatever reason, another should be planted in its place. They were even recognized in a local newspaper as a new kind of hero.

Writers Leonard B. Kaufman
Malvin Wald
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Ken Lynch
Walter Wanderman