S2 Episode 22 - The Skyrider

Ben the Bear and Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) answer an S.O.S. call from their friend, the hawk. In the meantime, Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) has come across Mr. Milton Wright (Russ Tamblyn), his burro, Suzie and some crazy kind of contraption he called a "glider". It seemed that Mr. Wright's only real interest in life is getting this glider to fly. The contraption turns out to be a glider plane with collapsible wings.

When Mad Jack goes off to find Adams, Wright gets his plane ready to fly. Until this point of flight, Mad Jack was convinced the glider was really some kind of a large animal trap. The glider had some trouble and crashed beyond the crest of the hill.

Adams and Jack decide they better keep an eye on Wright because after having rushed to help him, he wants to fly again. Adams explained that Wright had no idea what he was up against in these mountains, but with their help, he would be safe.

Wright gets an idea that if he studies a bird, like the Golden Eagle, he will find out what he needs to keep himself in the air. Adams tried to get him to settle for another bird like the hawk. Since Adams has trained the hawks to come on call, he brought one for Wright to study.

After research and more work on his glider, Wright takes to the air the next morning and crashes again. As Adams dresses his wounds, Jack decides he should get rid of the glider. Instead Jack ends up flying and in spite of the fact that he crashes too, he will never get over the excitement of that incredible flight. 

Writer Dick Conway
Producer James Simmons
Director Allan Eastman
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Russ Tamblyn