S2 Episode 14 - The Seekers

If Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) thought that Adams (Dan Haggerty) was a "Greenhorn", he was in for a bigger surprise when retired Master Sargent Monahan (Keenan Wynn) arrives in the valley. In full military dress, bugle and all, Monahan comes riding into view giving Mad Jack the scare of his life. Jack mistakes the old man for Maurice, the Monster, a half-bear, half-bull, three parts alligator villian of a man who had finally come to gun Jack down. However, this was only Monahan and his faithful horse, Thunderbolt, riding, rainstorm and all, to find their non-existent farm.

While still at the fort, Monahan had been swindled out of his life savings by a fast-talking crook who promised they would find their farm just waiting for them up in this valley. As far as dream-seekers go, these two were about as unlikely as any that had ever set foot in these mountains.

Mad Jack ran back to the cabin to tell Adams about Maurice the Monster, but Adams had Robbie Cartman (John Bishop) on his mind. Robbie disappeared while playing with Daniel the skunk. After one look at the sky, Adams and Jack decided that they had better find Robbie before the threatening storm really begins. They meet up with Monahan along the way. Since Thunderbolt has become separated in the storm, Monahan decided to group with them. Robbie and Daniel are saved from a near-miss with death by Adams who scales a cliff to rescue them. Robbie then takes Monahan home with him, hoping to help the poor man. Through the kindness of Mr. Cartman and Robbie, Monahan is given the land adjoining the Cartmans as well as some expert advice on farming in exchange for help with the chores.

Writers Christopher Jean-Pierre de Tocqueville
Brian Russell
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Keenan Wynn
John Bishop