S2 Episode 6 - The Search

Trapper Tom (Paul Brinegar) has come to the mountain and Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) finds one of his traps the hard way. He gets caught in one of the traps set by Tom to capture animals for the city zoo. This man, Trapper Tom, is known for his skill at trapping anything from grizzly bears to racoons.

After their warning by Mad Jack, Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Nakoma (Don Shanks) go with Ben to find Trapper Tom before he can cause any more harm to the animals they all have come to love. The first thing they find is a mountain lion wounded seriously in one of the traps. Nakoma and Adams make a travis and carry the wounded animal to the cabin in hopes she will heal. Realizing how badly she is wounded they decide to find her baby and bring it back to give the mother lion a will to live.

The mountain lion wounded or not has other plans. She decides to look for her cub and picks up her scent on a road that leads directly to Trapper Tom. Mad Jack and Adams pick up her trail and are just in time to convince Tom not to shoot the cougar but to give up the baby cub as that is all that is needed to satisfy her.

Adams has a serious talk with the trapper and explains to him that the animals he traps hurts them and separates families. There are so many orphanned animals that need care and attention and Tom can take those instead, if he promises to not let them be caged. This way people can still enjoy wild animals as Adams enjoys Ben without any injury or bloodshed.

Trapper Tom gives up trapping and still brings animals to the city; but only orphans this time and gives more pleasure to people than ever before.

Writers Leonard B. Kaufman
Malvin Wald
Producer Leonard B. Kaufman
Director Pichard Friedenberg
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Paul Brinegar