S2 Episode 16 - The Runaway

Adams (Dan Haggerty) was on his way down to the river to get water for the new sweat.-house that Nakoma had built. Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) needed some more steam but this was going to prove to be an unusual visit to the river. Adams saw a black man in shackles (Roger E. Mosely) and knew this man needed help. Tired and terrified at the sight of Adams, Isaac ran for his life. All Isaac knew was the instinct of a runaway slave, to keep hidden and stay free.

Adams was finally able to convince Isaac that he meant no harm and brought him back to the cabin. Mad Jack tries to persuade Adams not to help Isaac because if the master came to look for Isaac, there would be a lot of trouble. Adams, Mad Jack and Nakoma (Don Shanks) became close to Isaac in a very short time and tried to convince him to stay in the valley among his new-found friends.

One day Isaac was picking berries near the cabin and his old master, Mr. John Ransom (Cooper Huckabee), who had come to hunt him down, appeared. He ordered Isaac to come with him back to his house but Isaac refused. Suddenly the water containing gypsem that Ransom drank caused him to go temporarily blind.

Adams decides to bring him back to the cabin as he knows some methods of healing this temporary condition. Adams has found out that Isaac was promised his freedom by Ransom's father, but Master John was not going to keep that promise. Master John finally agrees to set Isaac free and thereby allows the man to stay in the area he loves.

Writers Malvin Wald
Jack Jacobs
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Roger E. Mosely
Cooper Huckabee