Episode 9 - The Rivals

Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) escorts an Indian maiden named Sumi (Betty Ann Carr) through the wilderness back to her reservation in the mountains. During the journey, Jack's burro, Number Seven,, picks up a stone in his hoof and begins to limp. On closer inspection, Jack discovers the stone is gold.

Overcome by the excitement of sudden wealth, Jack sets off to search for more gold in the stream where Number Seven picked up the pebble. Meanwhile, Sumi visits with Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Ben. Nakoma (Don Shanks) arrives and is surprised to find Sumi there. He hasn't seen her since she was very small and is impressed by her beauty now that she has grown into a woman.

Nakoma mistakes Sumils concerned attention to Jack as love and becomes jealous. When Nakoma calls Jack an old man", Jack responds by challenging to a footrace through the forest and across the hills.

Nakoma confidently accepts the challenge, but falls behind Jack, when his over-confidence causes him to run into a tree branch and fall. Jack wins the race, but Sumi goes to Nakomals side, concerned about him.

Nakoma learns that Sumi was never in love with Jack, but merely showing her friendship.

Writers Joyce Perry
Larry Dobkin
Producer Art Stolnitz
Director Sharron Miller
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Betty Ann Carr