S2 Episode 19 - The Renewal

For Adams (Dan Haggerty) Easter is something special. He invited Robbie Cartman (John Bishop) to come and visit for the weekend so he could be in on all the preparation. For instance, there is nothing better than Grizzly Adams' famous honey cakes. So Mad Jack (Denver Pyle), Adams and Robbie went into the hills to find honeycombs to get the perfect ingredients.

They met a traveling settler named Brad (Patrick Wayne) and his son, Andrew (Brian Erickson) and invited them to Easter Sunday celebration, too. Happy to have made new friends, Brad and his son headed back to their camp trying to arrive before the storm began. However, they were only in time to see their wagon burst into flames after being struck by lightning. It was just chance that Adams and Mad Jack saw the smoke from the fire and were able to lend a hand. This assistance kept Andy and his dad from losing everything they owned. They still had their animals. They accepted Adams' kind offer of hospitality and all returned to the cabin.

When they arrived, they were met by Watani (Rudy Ramos),chief of the Kutenai tribe. At first Jack was suspicious because he had known Silver Fox (Ned Romero) and thought he was the chief. It seemed that Silver Fox, who was also there, had stepped down as the chief because of his age and became the Shaman, or wiseman of the tribe. His friendship with Jack was a story in itself. 

The Indians had come to Adams for his knowledge and help. The story of his ability and instinct with animals had spread many miles. The tribes' sacred bird would not fly and, according to their custom, they could not celebrate the arrival of Spring without the bird.
Adams agreed to help but first he had to find the bird. This did not promise to be an easy chore. He had to scale a steep cliff in order to reach the bird and almost lost his life in the process.

Immediately he could tell what was wrong with the bird and while he was nursing it back to health, Mad Jack was going to do a dance with Silver Fox to seek favor with the gods for the celebration.

The groups decided that they would share Easter celebrations with each other bringing their friendship even closer. Easter for the Indians is called the celebration for the spirit of Winter and they "wanted the sun to smile and the cruel winds to pass over in the coming year".

The mountain folk felt the same way and on Easter Sunday had a chance to show how much they had in common with the Indians. After telling the Easter Story about the Ressurrection of Christ, Adams explained about the rebirth of spirit and self which goes on every day.

Adams reminded everyone how important constant faith is and that people should not be afraid to look beyond themselves for the guidance they might require.

Writers Malvin Wald
Jack Jacobs
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Patrick Wayne
Ned Romero
Rudy Ramos
John Bishop
Brian Erickson