S2 Episode 21 - The Quest

Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Nakoma (Don Shanks) are busy repairing the cabin's roof when Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) appears with what he terms as "good news"!

He met an Army Corporal (Royce D. Applegate) and a gentleman, Mr. Elmer Bludgett (John David Carson) along the trail and they said the government is going to give a reward to all the animals. After a little discussing, Adams is sure the "reward" is in truth a bounty!

Just in time to save Ben from the bullet of the Corporal's gun, Adams explains to the two a little about the ways of their mountain. Afterwards he offers them shelter for the night which they accept. Adams is sure he can talk some sense into them if he has more time.

He found that Elmer and the Corporal work for the Department of the Interior and they are doing a census so they can better administer all federal lands. Adams explained that laws designed as the government now wants would be an invitation to destroy the wilderness and all the animals.

Elmer was on this trip for more than one reason. He was afraid of everything including animals. He realized there was no way he could lose his fear if he thought of these animals as his enemies. Making a decision to stay for a while, he went off into the mountains to do some growing up. 

Noticing that Elmer had disappeared, Mad Jack and the Corporal decided they should find him before something terrible happened. After all, Mad Jack was the number one scout for the Fourth Calvery and he would be able to find Elmer without any trouble. When they finally find Elmer, he is happily playing with a pack of wolves. Elmer reached the turning point and became a man at last.

Elmer is ready now to go back to Washington, report his findings and get married too! Elmer promises to work to help the animals through congressional legislation.

Writers Malvin Wald
Jack Jacobs
Producer James Simmons
Director Chris Munger
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
John David Carson
Royce Applegate