S2 Episode 18 - The Littlest Greenhorn

Most animals live by their nose and they get very upset when they get the scent of something unfamiliar to them. When Number Seven and Ben the bear started acting funny, Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) went to investigate. He agreed with the animals that it was strange to see a big gorilla in these woods so he hurried to tell Adams (Dan Haggerty) what he had seen.

After further investigation, Adams finds that the "big gorilla" which is supposed to be "ten feet tall" is just a little chimpanzee. Sally, the little chimp, is followed by her human friend, Nathaniel Morgan (Henry Beckman), an old sea captain, and Polly, the parrot. Nathaniel had been busy rigging a sail for his wagon so he could ferry people across the river.

Naturally, Mad Jack thought the man had gone crazy but Nathaniel explains to Jack that he will patch up the wagon with pine pitch and actually make his whole wagon seaworthy. He told Jack that you just have to have a little imagination and faith.

Just like Nathaniel Morgan said,, the wagon did sail. He was so excited at floating on the water that he did not notice the boat was leaking. Sally ran as fast as a chimp could run and brought Adams, Nakoma (Don Shanks) and Mad Jack to the river.

hey were just in time to save Nathaniel and Polly from drowning. They all realized that Sally was a lot smarter than Nathaniel had given her credit for. Nathaniel had always felt that animals and man could not be friends and that animals were only smart enough to follow orders.

After the old captain recovered, Adams convinced him to go to Roger's Crossing where they really needed a ferry. So, Captain Nathaniel Morgan built one of the largest ferry rafts in that part of the country with the help of Mad Jack. As Captain Morgan said, if Mad Jack wasn't such a good mountain man, he would have made a mighty fine sailor.

Writers Malvin Wald
Jack Jacobs
Producer James Simmons
Director Richard Friedenberg
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Henry Beckman