S2 Episode 17 - The Great Burro Race

Two old friends of Mad Jack (Denver Pyle), Gus Thackery (Jack Elan@ and his wife Gerty (Fran Ryan), had been working a claim in the south range and were heading for new diggings. When they passed through the settlement they heard that Mad Jack was up in the mountains and decided to say hello for old times' sake. Well, Mad Jack was more surprised than he could ever say to see the two of them. He began to realize the thirty-year rivalry between himself and Gus Thackery had only become worse with the passing vears. The next thing Jack knew, he was challenged to a contest by Gus and the stakes were high. His pride was on the line but both men felt they had to win. As the winner, Gus wanted to claim Number Seven as his prize. And being a man of his word, Jack had to give his faithful burro up, no matter how much it hurt.

Adams (Dan Haggerty) could not believe that Number Seven was gone and he thought of an idea to get the burro back. 

Mad Jack told Gus that he could not have Number Seven's shoes. And if he wanted to have a contest for the shoes as a prize, he would have to race his burro against Number Seven. Everyone had an interest in this race and it was close from start to finish.

All the animals of the forest were on the side of Adams and Number Seven and they set up little obstacles for Gus to hamper his winning. With Adams racing on Number Seven there was only one way the race would end--Number Seven was given back to Mad Jack and everyone realized this is how it should be. 

Gus learned something about playing fair that he would never forget and he and his wife were leaving the mountain with the memory of true friendship that comes with thirty years of knowing, fighting and loving someone.

Writer Dick Conway
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Jack Elam
Fran Ryan