S2 Episode 9 - The Choice

Robbie Cartman (John Bishop) and his deer, Ginger, come to talk to Adams (Dan Haggerty) upon the advice of Mr. Cartman, who thinks it's time to take Ginger back to the mountain home she belongs in. She is always running away from the Cartman ranch and would probably be better off in her own environment. Well, although Robbie hates to give her up, he is willing to go with Adams to find a herd of deer to see if Ginger will be accepted. Then, if she decides to go, Robbie will let her. It sure seemed as if that was her natural home because within minutes the deer are frolicking around like best of friends. With a heavy heart, Robbie and Adams leave and return to the cabin. Later Adams goes to check on Ginger to make sure she is alright and finds only the tracks of wolves and then Ginger's tracks separate from the rest of the herd. Since she grew up at the ranch and knew nothing of survival in the wilderness, she fell helplessly into a sand trap.

It was a combination of Ben's tracking ability and luck which brought Ben and Number Seven to the sand hole where Ginger was caught.

With the help of a tree and some animal talk, it was not long before she was out. Then, there was no stopping or slowing her down because she had made her choice. Just like Ben stays with Adams, Ginger wanted to stay with Robbie. 

Sometimes the barriers between men and animals have no bounds especially when it comes to friendship.

Writers Leonard B. Kaufman
Malvin Wald
Producer Leonard B. Kaufman
Director Sharon Miller
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks Ben
John Bishop