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Grizzly Adams Franchise

The Film and Television Origin Of 'Grizzly Adams'

Grizzly Adams® has been a recognized brand in the film and television industry for a long time. Its success began in 1974, after “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” became a hit movie. The story was loosely based on an actual frontiersman from the mid-1800s, who became known as 'Grizzly Adams' after demonstrating a unique ability he had when it came to taming grizzly bears and communicating with other wild animals. The success of the independent film led to a top rated TV series for NBC starring Dan Haggerty as 'Grizzly Adams,' Don Shanks as 'Nakoma,' and Denver Pyle as 'Mad Jack.'  Both the Grizzly Adams film and TV series were distributed by Schick/Sunn-Classic™.

Grizzly Adams Stills

Above: Scenes from the 1974 feature film 'The Life And Times of Grizzly Adams' starring Dan Haggerty as James 'Grizzly' Adams and Don Shanks as 'Nakoma.' Denver Pyle played 'Mad Jack' in the TV series, and a Grizzly Bear named Bozo played 'Ben.'

From there Grizzly Adams grew to be recognized with iconic status. From motion picture and TV series revenues, the original franchise grossed over $130 million in receipts from the mid-1970s to early 1980s, to include for merchandise such as Mattel's 'Grizzly Adams' dolls, stuffed animals, games, GAF View-Master reels, coloring books, puzzles, clocks, lunch pails, and more.

Grizzly Adams Merchandise

Above: A 'Grizzly Adams' lunch box, board game, and two of its Mattel dolls. New plans include the licensing of Grizzly Adams® computer apps and games, camping and outdoor-life sporting goods, outdoor clothing lines, health food energy bars, pet foods, a Grizzly Adams® mountain bike, a Grizzly Adams® ATV, and more…

When Grizzly Adams ran on NBC the network achieved a record audience share for its Wednesday night prime time slot. Ultimately, as a result of its great movie and TV series successes the name Grizzly Adams® came to symbolize the wholesome images of nature's beauty and wildlife, self sufficiency, and healthy outdoor living.