Episode 8 - Tenderfoot Theodore

Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) encounters a young tenderfoot (Charles Martin Smith) in the wilderness named Teddy. The greenhorn has left the comfortable security of his eastern home to prove himself in the rugged mountain wilderness. But Jack has Teddy pegged as a clumsy novice who will never succeed in the wilds and decides to go his own way. Later Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Mad Jack run into the tenderfoot again learning this time that his full name is Theodore Roosevelt. Young Teddy continues his determined efforts to learn about he wilderness and discovers a few surprises. He panics when Ben appears, nearly shooting the grizzly before learning that he’s friendly. He jumps Nakoma, wrestling him to the floor, thinking they’re in the midst of an Indian attack. And his attempt to ride Jack’s burro Number Seven, lands him in a muddy gully. But Teddy persists, trying to survive alone in the wilderness. He chops down a tree but it lands on him, trapping his leg. Adams and Jack rescue him from a rattlesnake and then try to talk him into going back east…where he will find it safer.

But there is no stopping this greenhorn. He vows to demonstrate his ability to survive by leading them back to Adams cabin using the most direct route. Teddy gets them lost, however, and a rockslide wipes out the steep mountain trail.

When they find a rickety old suspension bridge made of rope and rotting wood is their only way out, Teddy courageously crosses it. The bridge collapses and Teddy nearly falls, but he manages to make it to the other side of a deep gorge. He rescues Adams and Jack by chopping a tree down and making it fall across the gorge, to provide them with a bridge of escape.

Writer Samuel A. Peeples
Producer: Art Stolnitz
Director: James L. Conway
Starring: Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Charles Martin Smith