S2 Episode 12 - Marvin the Magnificent

Aging Marvin the Magnificent (Edward Andrews) and his wonder bear "Babe" are on their way to the shopping rendezvous at the settlement, not realizing they are one month late until they meet Mad Jack (Denver Pyle). Since Babe is sick, they are invited to stay at Adams' (Dan Haggerty) cabin until she gets well. Marvin pays for his hospitality in magic performances and animal sketches for Adams, Mad Jack, Nakoma (Don Shanks), and Ben. Meanwhile Babe was getting better by doing "bear" things with Ben and eating the proper food. Adams trys to explain to Marvin that he's been using Babe like a crutch and can't lean on her anymore because she is too old.

Refusing to accept that their travelling magic days are over, Marvin takes off in the middle of the night with the wrong Babe. Before he is too far away he realizes his mistake and returns to the cabin with Ben. He is met by Mad Jack who hands him a ticket to Saint Louis that will take him on another road to fame as an illustrater of an animal almanac. Mad Jack took some of Marvin's drawings to the settlement and the author of the animal book was so impressed, he wanted to meet Marvin in person. 

Although reluctant to leave Babe, he realizes it is time to give her a rest. There are new horizons to conquer at any age and Marvin decided not to fight growing older, but to enjoy living with it.

Writer Jack Jacobs
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks Ben
Edward Andrews