S2 Episode 1 - Hot Air Hero

A bullet from Mad Jack's (Denver Pyle) rifle interrupts an experimental ballon flight and brings an unexpected visitor to Adams' (Dan Haggerty) cabin. The man that Mad Jack believed was a scout from the moon turns out to be Monsieur Andre Gerard (Gene Conforti), a balloonist trying to speed up the Pony Express mail system to air mail. Although Adams' promises to fix the damage done to the balloon, The Queen de Paris, this does not really seem likely. He and his pet rabbit, Louis, are worried that if the balloon cannot be repaired they won't be able to reach the next hydrogen station and their mission will be a failure. Louis, who has been acting mysterious, disappears and Adams goes to find him while Andre and Jack attempt to put the balloon in working order. Jack gets more than he bargains for in a free ride up into the sky.

Although the ship is ready to fly, Andre cannot leave without his dear companion Louis. "There's just certain things you got to know the truth about, especially when it's a friend." Ben takes Andre and Adams to a raspberry bush where they find Louis to be a Louise with a batch of little babies. 

Andre decides to leave Louise with Adams and the wilderness and complete his mission which he does with "flying" colors. As he said, "With faith and a little imagination anything's possible."

Writer Jack Kaplan
Producer Leonard B. Kaufman
Director Richard Friedenberg
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks Ben
Gene Conforti