Episode 2 - Blood Brothers

Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) recalls how he met Nakoma (Don Shanks), the Indian brave who becomes his blood brother.

When Adams first entered the wilderness, he was alone and totally unprepared to survive. As he traveled over rough terrain and through beautiful valleys, he came upon a small bear cub who was trapped on a mountain ledge. Adams rescued the helpless cub and named him Ben, after Benjamin Franklin. An Indian watched Adams from high above, on a rocky cliff. Suddenly a mountain lion appeared behind the Indian, startling him, causing him to stumble backwards and fall over the cliff. Adams saw the Indian fall and went to his aid. He built a travois and carried the injured brave back to camp, where he set his broken leg in a splint. At first the Indian, Nakoma, was suspicious and fearful of Adams. But they soon came to respect and trust each other, learning to share their knowledge of the wilderness.

In an Indian ceremony, they became “blood brothers”, pledging their friendship. Nakoma returned to the forest but kept a constant watch on Adams. Later, when a tree accidentally fell on Adams, trapping him, Nakoma immediately came to help his “brother.” To Adams, that proved the strength and dedication of their friendship.

Writer Paul W. Cooper
Producer Art Stolnitz
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
John Bishop