Episode 11 - Beaver Dam

A forest fire destroys a valley, leaving a family of beavers homeless. When the industrious animals move into Adams’ (Dan Haggerty) valley and build a new dam, the water in the stream backs up and starts to flood the valley, threatening to destroy Adams’ cabin.

Adams hopes the beaver will consider moving their dam, but has no luck convincing them. He refuses to force them out of their home, despite Mad Jack’s (Denver Pyle) contention that it’s “them or us”. Mad Jack and his mule pull the beaver dam apart and even Adams’ grizzly bear, Ben, tries dismantling the structure. But nothing seems to work. The beavers just go right back in and rebuild it.

As Adams and Jack start taking the cabin apart to move it from the path of encroaching water, Adams gets a sudden brainstorm. He enlists the aid of two animal friends….skunks!

When two smelly critters appear at the beaver dam, the beavers make a hasty exit and head upstream to build a new dam. Of course, it’s Mad Jack who takes all the credit for coming up with the clever scheme!

Writer Paul Hunter
Producer Art Stolnitz
Director Richard Friedenberg
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks