Episode 1 - Adams Cub

 Eliza Bowker (Kristen Curry), a young girl traveling west with her parents (Hank Kendrick and Lucky Hayes) in a covered wagon, gets lost in the vast mountain wilderness. While her parents search vainly, she wanders aimlessly through the forest, alone and frightened.

A mountain lion stalks Eliza and then gives chase, but she is rescued by the grizzly bear, Ben, who frightens the vicious cat away. Eliza realizes that Ben won’t hurt her and follows the bear back to Adams (Dan Haggerty).

Taking the small girl to his cabin, Adams feeds her and listens to her story of what happened. He promises to help find her parents and they begin by searching the nearby mountains.

Eliza gradually causes Adams to change his life style, convincing him to clean up h is cabin and to clean himself up too. When Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) arrives, he is surprised to see the little girl there, and flabbergasted by the neatness of Adams’ cabin.

With the help of Mad Jack, they finally locate Eliza’s folks and there is a happy reunion. Eliza is sad to leave Adams and Ben, but knows that she must. Reluctantly, she bids them farewell.

Writer Arthur Heinemann
Producer Art Stolnitz
Director James L. Conway
Starring Dan haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks
Hank Kendrick
Lucky Hayes
Kristen Curry