S2 Episode 13 - A Time of Thirsting

The weather had been dry for such a long time that a drought resulted and was serious enough to bring a great many of Adams' (Dan Haggerty) animal friends from the surrounding forests and mountains seeking water. This lack of moisture was to bring about another kind of problem of even greater danger to all the inhabitants.

Adams went to work with Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) and put drip sacks, which are designed to give a measured amount of water through a hole punched in the bottom, along the mountain trails to satisfy the thirst of the animals who could not reach the cabin area. Meanwhile, Adams own source of water was in trouble. He had built some catch barrels to trap the winter snow's runoff but the heavy winds caused a tree to fall down on the barrels. As Adams wondered how water rationing would solve the problems for everyone, he smelled the forest's most feared enemy--fire! He rushed to the hills with Mad Jack and Nakoma (Don Shanks) in an attempt to rescue the aminals trapped in the way of the fire. Along the way, Nakoma is caught behind the wall of fire as he is separated to follow the painful cries of a mountain lion. Through the courage of Adams, Ben, Mad Jack and Number Seven, Nakoma is saved.

Even so, there did not seem to be any relief from the fire, until Adams feels some drops of water on his face and realized that his prayers had been answered. The drought was over, and the forest fire would die out before any more damage was done.


Writer Brian Russell
Producer James Simmons
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks