S2 Episode 15 - A Gentleman Tinker

Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) thought that he had discovered a genuine leprechaun and he wasn't going to let him get away. He crept up behind the little man and grabbed him by the heel figuring that this was the rule of the game. The little man Tinker (Walter Burke) thought Mad Jack was out of his mind, but Mad Jack knew that catching a leprechaun like this would entitle him to one free wish. Mad Jack had heard Tinker talking to his horse about gold and he thought this must be the luckiest day of his life. Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Nakoma (Don Shanks) went with Jack to find the gold although they did not believe that either gold or a leprechaun existed.

Meanwhile, Mrs. McGinty was worried about her husband, Tinker. He had been gone so long that she sent her son Devan (Al Hansen) to search for him. Fortunately Tinker had met up with Adams and was safe.

After getting over his shock at the sight of Ben the bear, he and Adams became friends. Adams discovers that Tinker has a family that is poor and starving which he wants to take out West. He has had an argument with his son because his son had sold all of their livestock. With the help of Adams and Mad Jack the family becomes close again and they leave together to start their new life.


Brian Russell
Producer James Simmons
Director David O'Malley
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks Ben
Walter Burke
Al Hansen