S2 Episode 3 - A Bears Life

Episode 1It is the season for sudden surprises and Adams (Dan Haggerty) is in for a big one along with Mad Jack (Denver Pyle), Number Seven and Ben. The wind starts to howl and the rain begins to pour. There's only one place to be, then, and that is in Adam's cabin. Unfortunately for everyone there just isn't much room and yet, there they are: all the animals, Adams, and Ben together with very wet Mad Jack and Number Seven trying to get some sleep. Next morning Adams, Mad Jack, Number Seven, and Nakoma (Don Shanks) set about trying to repair the half devastated cabin. But not Ben... he knows what the word work" means. With the sun bright and the sky so blue, Ben can't resist the chance to enjoy it in a way that only a bear can. He's about to find that adventure isn't all fun and games.

A little way from the cabin Ben comes upon a bear cub separated from his mother having a heck of a time convincing a big cougar he's not on the dinner menu. Ben intervenes and also manages to reunite the cub and his mother without any difficulty. Not far from where that happy reunion takes place Ben spots an old Indian medicine man (Eugene Standing Bear) sitting on a ledge chanting away. Drawn by the music of his chant, Ben trys to join him in a tune. He had been exiled from the tribe as having lost his magic powers, however, the scouting party checking on his welfare, welcomed him back with open arms after seeing Ben and him sitting on that rock like old friends. A medicine man must have some powerful magic to be so at ease with a bear of that size.

 Well, Ben wanders off again only to discover a wagon of settlers (Oscar G. Rowland and Elaine Daniels) headed for Oregon. The smells are so pleasant from their wagon Ben can't avoid jumping onboard. The poor folks having been made aware of their uninvited quest bail out of the wagon in a panic. The horses take off at full speed into the creek where Ben ends his brief almost-trip to Oregon.

Bear-tired, Ben only wants sleep, but the forest noises are so loud that he is forced back to the cabin. Nursing bruises from their work on the cabin Mad Jack, Nakoma and Adams begin to wonder what it would be like to not have the woes of man... perhaps an animal's life would suit them nicely. Mad Jack comments that he would want to be a bear like Ben. After all, Ben does nothing all day but eat, sleep, and bask in the sun.

Ah, how easy a bear has it in his life, just eat, sleep and bask in the sun..."Right, Ben?"

Writer Paul W. Cooper
Producer Leonard B. Kaufman
Director Jack B. Hively
Starring Dan Haggerty
Denver Pyle
Don Shanks Ben
Oscar G. Rowland
Elaine Daniels
Eugene Standing Bear